“Turing Challlenge in to Opportunities”.

Competition is everywhere and it is becoming tougher with each passing day.many a times, the dream of student who wish to a become chartred Accountant, Company Secretary, ICWA, MBA remain a dream because of the lack of proper Guidence. If they are mentored in the right way for the Competitive exam,Succes is theirs.

guru’s academy of commerce has been established as a core educational research body with focus in te area of accounting, auditing, fiscal lawas, financial management, monetary policies and other allied areas, guru’s is having highly technical and experienced professionals in the field of charted Accountancy on it’s Technical Board.

The main objective of guru’s establish itself as an “institute” global standard of the purpose of imparting, disseminating spreading and promoting knowledge Learning, Education and understanding in the above mentioned fields.

guru’s will provide education training programs, courses and classes for academic knowledge as well as pratical knowledge for government as well as in the private Sector for Strengthening the accounting functions.

———————————————————————CA Om Pawan Kumar Singla